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Fish Type: Cod     Price: $12.00

Overall, I would recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Excellent
Bread Score: Good
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: Fore!

Madison Fish Fry is not exactly what you’d call a scratch golfer. In fact, before this visit to Lake Windsor we’d never even had the privilege to swing a club (save for a putter or two on a mini-golf course here or there). So, you can just about imagine how we fared when we hit the real links – let’s just say it wasn’t necessarily the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen. Fortunately, once our nine was out of the way, we were mercifully allowed to retire to the clubhouse for a round of a different sort – a round of beers and a Fish Fry. Now that’s my kinda game.

There have been some changes to what was once labeled “The Pinnacle Room” and instead of sitting in the 80’s-glitzy dining hall of yore, we had a high-top table in what appeared to be the recently refurbished bar area. A very friendly young waitress came right over with some menus and sped off to get us the round we were after. When she returned with the brews we ordered our fish (the featured $12 beer battered cod) and sat for a minute to reflect on the finer points of golf. A minute or so was all it really took…

Almost instantly a funnel full of breadsticks arrived, complete with a side of sweet honey butter. The savory sticks come with all the items on the Friday menu and were actually quite good. They laid a solid foundation for the fish and bridged the gap from our woeful golfing game quite nicely. The sticks were followed by our coleslaw/salad/soup choice, of which I sampled the slaw. The homemade concoction was bountiful (a whole soup cup full), and housed a serious punch (much better than mine off the tee unfortunately).

The fish came soon after and was freshly fried and literally scalding hot. The three large beer battered pieces were a departure from the breaded beauties of yesteryear, but still very good. They were practically grease-free which was somewhat surprising since the batter was fairly substantial. The crust had a nice flavor but in the end was nothing truly memorable (kinda like my golf game). The fish itself was fall-apart flaky, clearly quality, and as hot as any fish I can ever remember eating.

An abundance of shoestring-style fries played caddy to the cod and did so admirably. They gleefully jockeyed the fish around with a plethora of salty goodness and gentle support. The tartar also chipped in, lending its pep to the fish in any way it could. Its thickness counterbalanced the substantial fish, keeping everything on par thanks to some serious zest.

Amazingly, throughout our entire ugly round we never once found the bunker (water hazards being a different story). Likewise, the Fish Fry at the Lake Windsor Golf Club’s Bar and Grill somehow found all the fairways, and avoided the rough all together. While the course has changed a little bit since we last played it, it is still right up there with the legends of the game and very satisfying. Overall, we had a great time at Lake Windsor and have no qualms about recommending this Fish Fry (or the golf course for that matter).
4628 Golf Road
Windsor, WI 53598

(608) 846-4711