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Fish Type: Cod     Price: $15.00

Overall, I would not recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Fair
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Good
Bread Score: Good
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: 2011. Twenty-eleven. That’s the last time we made it out to the shores of Lake Waubesa for the Fish Fry at Christy’s Landing. That’s a long time, and probably too long since we’ve sampled their perfectly serviceable Fish Fry. This is your basic beer battered cod - nothing special, but nothing wrong either. The waffle fries were as expected, the tartar was thick and creamy, the slaw had enough pop to keep you interested, and the roll was a welcome surprise. Overall, I’d say this Fish Fry is borderline recommendable which is essentially what I said a little over a decade ago. Weird.
2952 Waubesa Avenue
Madison, WI

(608) 249-1000