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Fish Type: Cod     Price: $11.00

Overall, I would recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Excellent
Tartar Score: Excellent
Bread Score: Good
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: Back when the Bayou used to be downtown we stopped in for their Fish Fry a couple times. Well, in actuality we stopped in a couple times but only ate it once since the second time we stopped they'd switched from cod to tilapia and there was no way we were going to waste a Friday on that farm-raised impostor. The 'you had a decent little Fry, but the highlight of meal was definitely the Cajun cheese curds we got as an appetizer. That location closed down a few years ago now, but we were excited to hear that they'd reopened in the old Taluala building (or the old old Mexicali Rose building depending on how far back you go) just off Cottage Grove Road. We eventually found a Friday to pay them a visit and were very happy to see the fish of choice at the (new) North of the Bayou was once again good old cod.

While the options might expand after 4pm, we were there for lunch and the only thing out there was an $11 2-piece cod. We felt fine about ordering it since we weren't starving and for that price two pieces is reasonable. The cuts of cod were average sized, and enrobed by a fairly beefy beer batter that made them appear more substantial. Beer batters can be problematic when they get too brawny, but this creamy coating wasn't overly heavy and had an enticing flavor. It was further accentuated by a little Cajun seasoning that perked it up without getting gaudy.

What appeared to be house-cut fries came on the side and while the portion was pretty tiny, it was sufficient for lunch. The cup of tartar had a unique punch that kept the cod in line and while we can't say exactly what it was that made it unique we can say that it was tasty.

For a creole themed place they Fish Fry at NotB is about as traditional as you'd hope and the house-made slaw stayed in check. While a little lettuce joined the usual cabbage in the mix, it was still super creamy and super easy to eat.

An interesting little flat bread-style roll finished things off with a crispiness that set it apart from a basic roll.

We have to say we were pretty pleased by everything North of the Bayou had to offer. From the fish to the slaw, everything stayed traditional although had just enough southern influence to make things interesting. Overall, we recommend this Fish Fry and will pop back in again some Friday when we're feeling saucy.
802 Atlas Avenue
Madison, WI 53714

(608) 286-1393