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Fish Type: Cod     Price: $10.00

Overall, I would recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Good
Bread Score: Excellent
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: You could say I like One Barrel Brewing Company. I like the ambiance in their tap room and I like their beer, so when a food cart decides to pop-up there for a Fish Fry I make it a point to stop by. During Lent 2018 the Slide Food Cart was the popper of choice and we found a Friday to pay them a visit (and have a few tasty beverages).

Slide had $10 cod and a $12 walleye on the menu and when I saw another patron's walleye my mind was essentially made up for me. The walleye was crusted with potato chips, and didn't have the signature walleye flavor although it did have the look. At the $12 price point I have to think it might have been European Zander instead of the genuine article, but it was still pretty tasty. The fillet was flaky and grease-free, and really perked up by they crunchy chips. I also got a piece of the cod which was home to OBBCs Penguin IPA batter and markedly better than its freshwater counterpart. I saw the cook mix the batter right before my very eyes so I can tell you without a doubt the booze came right from the tap. The pale ale imparted a pleasant flavor to the light batter which, like the "walleye," was totally grease-free. Slide certainly knows how to fry.

Slide is known for their homemade potato chips, and the crisps went well with fried fish, but a French fry option certainly would have been nice too. The chips are large and crunchy, and reheated particularly well on our pizza stone the next day. Some tasty tartar with noticeable dill took a strong supporting roll, and the dill, while prevalent, didn't overpower the mix. It was clearly homemade and just thick enough to take both styles of fish up a notch.

A beautiful vinegar-based slaw with plenty of pep really added a lot and while it brought the goods it wasn't so strong that it made you pucker up. An unadvertised slice of rye came on the side and made this Fish Fry the full meal deal.

As I've said before I'm not a huge fan of the "pop-up" concept since it's usually a one and done affair, but I can get behind Slide in this instance. They popped-up for the entirety of Lent which gives people a chance to try it, and come back at least a couple more times if they really like it. Overall, we recommend this Fish Fry and highly recommend One Barrel in general. It's a great spot and they seem to be doing a fine job of picking the right people to pop.
Madison, WI
(608) 630-4824