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Fish Type: Cod     Price: $10.50

Overall, I would barely recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Good
Bread Score: Good
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: Most of you will never get a Fish Fry at the Hideaway. Hell, most of you probably don't even know where Chaseburg is, more or less plan on going there on a Friday, but if for some reason you do here's a little else something for you to digest.

The Hideaway is a great little small town bar (I emphasize small) with a really nice little Fish Fry. Cod and walleye are served on Friday nights, and both at very reasonable prices - $9.25 for cod (extra pieces for a buck and a quarter pop) and a few shillings more for the walleye. There is also a walleye cheeks app available and you know we couldn't pass that up. The tender cheeks were buried under a thick beer batter such that the thin meat was totally lost, but it was still cool to see and got things rolling.

A kooky kind of salad bar also comes with the fish and featured some cold salads, but no lettuce of any sort. There was a broccoli salad, a macaroni salad, some potato salad, and some honkin' tomato slices sprinkled with basil; that's it. It was a little odd to say the least, but considering it comes with a cheap Fish Fry it's more of a bonus than anything. There were also some "tweener" buns up there, and while they weren't Grandma's, they weren't multi-grain or anything either. They were firm and dense and just kind of there.

There was only one poor waitress working both the bar side and dining room side and as a result the fish took a loooooong time to find us (and don't get me wrong, by poor I don't mean she wasn't doing a great job, she was, we just all felt a little bad that she had to take on so much). That said, the fish didn't suffer one iota and came to us nice and hot so, like her, the kitchen must have been doing all they could to keep up as well. The cod featured the same thick beer batter as the cheeks (and the full walleye fillet for that matter), but the beefy cuts were up to the challenge. It had a rich flavor and creamy consistency but most of the fish's inherent flakiness was lost. Luckily, there was no latent grease and while it was a solid rendition it was definitely not one for the calorie conscious.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Hideaway has house cut fries on the menu and these were about the thinnest we've seen. Unlike the fish, they were lukewarm by the time they surfaced which really crushed their potential. The big squeeze bottles of tartar were kept on ice in the salad bar so they were nice and cold. The thick and creamy mix was just what the cod ordered and bolstered the caloric content to epic proportions. This was an artery clogger to be sure.

Like I say, most of you won't ever set foot in Chaseburg, WI, but if you do be sure to hit up the Hideaway. You could also grab one at the Tippy Toe if you're so inclined. Overall, we recommend this Fish Fry a guarantee you won't go home hungry...unless of course you can't stomach the wait.
107 W Mill Street
Chaseburg, WI 54621

(608) 483-2777