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Fish Type: Bluegill     Price: $17.00

Overall, I would barely recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Good
Bread Score: Good
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: When presented with the #walleye, #perch, or #bluegill question I always struggle. They are all usually so good that you can’t really go wrong and I fared pretty well with my bluegill choice this Friday. The four hulking fillets were well-fried and cloaked in an Italian-breadcrumb style breading that had a nice crunch. The hash browns with cheese and onion played a fine second fiddle, the tartar wasn’t really memorable but did it’s job, the slaw went down easy, and the bread was the #Italian restaurant standard. By and large this was a nice little Fish Fry and certainly much more memorable than our last visit to Avantis 20 years ago or whatever it is now.
119 S. Main Street
Verona, WI 53593

(608) 848-3315