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Fish Type: Bluegill     Price: $13.00

Overall, I would highly recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Excellent
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Excellent
Bread Score: Excellent
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: Low ceilings, cheap beer, wood-paneled walls, and frogs all over the place, these are the things that make up a great small town Wisconsin bar. Well, maybe not the frogs so much, but those other things - those are the things that make up a great small town Wisconsin bar. Well (again), those things, and a great Fish Fry of course.

Apparently the tiny town of Morrisonville lays claim to some frog-related title, and their local watering hole (the Tamarack, or is it the Tamarack II?) takes full advantage this fact. Stuffed frogs abound in the dimly lit space, sometimes blatant, but other times peeking out of a shadowy crevice, or sitting on the ledge of the beer cooler. They give the bar a certain charm, but decor aside, the most charming thing about the Tamarack is their Friday Night Fish Fry, and boy, it’s a good one.

First and foremost, there are a ton of options at the ‘Rack, ranging from lake perch and bluegill to cod, walleye, and shrimp (surpassingly, or maybe not, frog legs were not on the menu). When given so many choices I usually have a hard time settling on one, but something told me the bluegill was the way to go, and go I did.

Even though it was later on in the evening our waitress was on her game, and had bread, coleslaw, and baked beans on the table before you could say “I’d like another Spotted Cow when you get a chance.” The bread basket was perfectly portioned, featuring two slices of rye, and two white dinner rolls. The dynamic duo of coleslaw (ultra-creamy, but not ultra-zesty), and baked beans (very nice, but not homemade or anything) also did their part and helped get this Fish Fry of to a great start.

The fish surfaced shortly after the bread, beans and slaw, and looked lovely. Just picture eight delicate bluegill fillets cascading over a heap of shoestring fries as steam rises from their golden fried exteriors virtually screaming EAT ME! EAT ME! It’s a beautiful thing. The fish was rich and delicious with just the slightest hint of bluegill fishiness. The fillets ranged from hefty to skimpy, but were cooked perfectly regardless. They were home to a light breading that was the perfect thickness and had just the right amount of spice in it. It was simply superb, and I would definitely not hesitate to get it again. I also got to try a bit of the cod and it was tasty, but not as tasty as the bluegill. The ocean dweller was rich, creamy, flaky, and consistent – everything you’d like cod to be.

As mentioned earlier, the French fries were abundant and expertly fried. They shared the shape, size, and texture of McDonald’s fries, and could well have been a bag stolen right out of their freezer for all I know. They were that good.

Some creamy and potent tartar sauce did its part too. It was borderline perfect and the punch it packed helped knock the bluegill into some rare company.

Morrisonville isn’t on most peoples radars, but this Fish Fry just might put it there. While it surely isn’t the swankiest place out there, the Tamarack is very charming, and a perfect example of what a small town tavern can do. Overall, we highly recommend this lip-smacking Fish Fry, and will be back to try the lake perch and walleye sooner rather than later.

4684 County Rd DM
Morrisonville, WI 53571

(608) 846-5005