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Fish Type: Bluegill     Price: $7.00

Overall, I would barely recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Good
Bread Score: Fair
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: There are countless places to find Friday Fish Fry around Madison. Bars, Supper Clubs and Family Restaurants are all fair game, even Country Clubs and Church organizations are known to offer top notch Fish Fry specials. Well, local businesses are not one to be left behind and the busy cafeteria at Epic Systems in Verona puts their mark on the tradition.

The philosophy at Epic is to offer high quality food at great prices to entice their employees to stay on campus. I would have to say it is working. If you are lucky enough to know someone who works at Epic you owe it to yourself to visit on a Friday. Epic offers a rotating array of Fish Fry options each Friday, this week it happened to be Bluegill and I happened to be invited.

The cafeteria at Epic is a large grab-and-go area with a beautiful, sunny dining space, definitely not your run of the mill cafeteria by any stretch of the imagination. That being said it is a cafeteria so nothing is made to order and when Fish Fry sits around it can get nasty quick. Thankfully on Friday Chef Luke implements a 5 minute rule to ensure that this does not happen. I got extra lucky and was able to get a fresh batch from the fryer. It was 3 little filets, a large roll, coleslaw and tartar sauce for $3.50, with a side of fries for $1.50 more. I picked up a second helping of fish to make 6 filets total with some leftover bread and slaw. The total was about $6.50 and well worth it.

The Bluegills were right on. Thin and a little crispy with a nice light batter. The Fries were kind of Cajun seasoned and really good as well. There were two options for fish friendly sauces, tartar and tiger, both were good and complimented the fish well. The reason for the excess beard was for those who wanted to enjoy their fish sandwich style, that was not me, but the bread was fine all alone. The coleslaw was super fresh and homemade but not really zesty enough for my taste.

Overall this is a very solid little Fish Fry and for the price it is absolutely wonderful. I would say if you are lucky enough to work at Epic you should definitely be eating in on Fridays. Good fish, great price, happy workers.
1979 Milky Way
Verona, WI 53593

(608) 271-9000