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Fish Type: Cod     Price: $9.00

Overall, I would highly recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Excellent
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Excellent
Bread Score: Excellent
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: I usually try to avoid going to my hometown on Friday nights because I want to make sure to get a good Fish Fry in, and there are not a ton of places up that way. Since we were scheduled to be in town early Saturday morning my hands were tied and we were resigned to eating outside of Madison. Since I still have some friends that live in my hometown we decided that this would at least be a good opportunity to hang out with them and get some fish at the same time, so we headed to the Kickapoo Inn in Readstown.

We got out of Madison about 7pm and didn’t arrive at the KI until about 8:45. By this time the Supper Club was practically empty save for the actual bar which had just about every stool full. We took a seat at our table and waited for the rest of our party to show up while enjoying an ice cold Spotted Cow. The KI is a classic Wisconsin style Supper Club. Our table was loaded with all the staples: a dish of veggies including carrots, celery and radishes among others, crisp breads and crackers with a ball of cheese spread, and soft bread rolls. Truly remarkable. This was a great start to what would truly be a great Fish Fry.

The only option for Fish Fry was the 3 piece cod for $9. The cod was served ungodly hot and was delicious. It was light and flaky with an almost perfect batter. It was definitely good enough to rival the best in Madison. The French fries were no less tasty and possibly even hotter, it was beautiful. The scalding hot potatoes were straight cut (skin-on, I think) and cooked to perfection. The only problem with this was that my girlfriend pillaged my plate and I only wound up getting a portion of the salty delight.

I have been to the KI many, many times growing up and usually when we go for lunch I get the fried chicken sandwich partially because the mayo they have is so good. It is from either Sysco or Reinhart and is as good as Hellmann’s. The tartar sauce is a direct takeoff on the mayo and was superb, seriously maybe the best I have ever had. I just loved it, and they didn’t skimp either which is always refreshing. My worst fear at a Fish Fry is running out of tartar but there is no need to worry about that at the KI.

Prior to the fish we were treated to a coleslaw/cottage cheese/salad/soup option of which I went for the cottage cheese. It was just fine and a good precursor to our meal. The service at the KI was great, partially due to the fact we were one of the few groups and service in small towns tends to be friendlier and more laid back. Plus, getting your bill for two and having it come to less than $20 is not something you are gonna find to easily around Mad-town.

Overall this Fish Fry helped to put my mind at ease about eating around my hometown on Friday nights, at least I know we can always get some tasty fish at the KI. If you are ever in the Kickapoo Valley region and it is Friday night do not hesitate to stop by and grab some Fish Fry at the KI, you won’t be disappointed.
827 W Kickapoo Street
Readstown, WI 54652

(608) 629-5565