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Fish Type: Bluegill     Price: $10.50

Overall, I would recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Fair
Tartar Score: Good
Bread Score: Good
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: We never planned to hit three different ‘M’ bars in three different towns for three Fish Frys in a row, but sometimes that’s just the way things work out in the land of fish. Mulligan’s Bar & Grill in Oregon was the first of the three, and set the bar pretty highly with a whopping plate of walleye. We followed that up with a trip to Monte’s Grill & Pub in Verona, which was good, but a bit greasy. We came full circle at Mojo’s Sports Pub & Grill in Waunakee, the third of our three consecutive ‘Ms’.

When first we visited Mojo’s in 2008 we were pleased, but not enthralled. Back then the fish of fancy was cod, and little else was available. Today, the menu has exploded, and in addition to cod, bluegill, walleye, and lake perch are all available for the avid Fish Fry fan.

With the fish comes a trip to Mojo’s surprisingly well-stocked salad bar. Unfortunately for yours truly, when we went through there were no plates available, so we did what needed to be done - filling a large soup bowl with a variety of salads. Mojo’s clearly isn’t rolling out the salad bar every day so it’s no surprise the lettuce was fresh, the slaw creamy, and the cottage cheese curdy – they were likely purchased special for today. There were also some soups available, but we didn’t try our hand at them since they looked kind of unappetizing hanging off the end of the portable bar and our hands were already pretty full anyway.

No sooner had the salad been polished off than the $10.50 bluegill plate reared its head. The plate was piled high with roughly 10 pieces of fish, although the quality of the fillets varied widely. Some of the fillets were huge and meaty, while others were miniscule, and could barely even be counted as a fillet. Regardless, they were mostly flaky, well-fried, and accompanied by a thin, salty breading. Overall, the flavor was fine and the portion was generous so we’ll set aside the irregularities and give the bluegill the benefit of the doubt.

Accompanying the fish was a bountiful side of hash browns which were covered in real cheddar and littered with fried onions. Unfortunately, the large load was over-fried to the point of being blackened and burned tasting around the edges. While the fringes were less than desirable the fat part in the middle salvaged the spread, and still provided an adequate amount of edible spudage.

Large solo cups are the conveyance of choice for Mojo’s thick and creamy tartar sauce, and even MFF couldn’t come close to exhausting the supply. The sauce may have been homemade, or it may have been the classic Sysco zip, but either way it perked up the bluegill and drown out any abnormal flavors present in the diverse school.

Playing the “roll” of palate cleanser was a plain old white bun, served with a half warm/half cold pat of butter.

If you find yourself in Waunakee on a Friday night and don’t want to deal with the rigmarole of a supper club like Rex’s Innkeeper, there is relief to be found just down the road at Mojo’s. The fish is good, the portions are generous, and the crowd is lively. Overall, we feel fine recommending this Fish Fry even if it was a bit of a mixed bag - it’s our kind of mix.
111 W. Main Street
Waunakee, WI 53597

(608) 849-6656