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Fish Type: Walleye     Price: $18.00

Overall, I would highly recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Excellent
Potato Score: Excellent
Tartar Score: Excellent
Bread Score: Excellent
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: Another day, another dollar, right? I say, another (Fry)day, another Dexter's.

I've rekindled a relationship with Dexter's recently partially due to their fantastic beer selection, but mostly due to the spectacular fish options. This time I went for the walleye and a side of their garlic-chili fries, ya know, just to shake things up...

The walleye comes in at 18 beans, which isn't cheap, but is pretty much par for the course when you are talking about REAL walleye. The fillet also isn't the biggest you will find but it basically checks every other box. It's light, it's flaky, it's a good two inches on the fat side, and perfectly crispy on the thin side. It also has a nice light breading that lets the fish shine though and sticks to your fingers if you let it. It's just good stuff, plain and simple.

Dexter's waffle fries are my muse, but once in a while I like to cheat with the slick and sassy garlic-chili upgrade. These babies are as unique as fries get and ooze almost as much charisma as chili juice. They'll soak the whole plate (including the batter on your fish) if you're not careful, but if you proactively manage them by dredging each fry through the pool they can be controlled. It's control worth having too...

The homemade tartar at Dexter's is a celebration of flavors and really drives the fish home. There are lots of goodies hiding in there which add up to more than the sum of their parts. It's a banger, that's for sure.

The slaw comes pre-packed into a four oz Solo cup which allows the juice to settle and the top to dry out. Do your best to mix it without spilling because you want it wet, but you also don't want to lose a single morsel. It's good, and adds a refreshing lightness to what some might perceive as a heavy meal.

And last is the rye, because Dexter's. That's why.

I've never really had a bad Fish Fry at Dexter's, but it sounds like a lot of folks have and all I can say is that's a bummer, man. Maybe it's the fact that I stick to the freshwater fish, and most people get the cod (which in my experience isn't quite at the same level)? Regardless, Dexter's does it for me and I'll keep coming back until they don't. Overall, we highly recommend this Fish Fry, and love just about everything Dex does.
301 North Street
Madison, WI 53704

(608) 244-3535